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Our Platform

Malairte Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency analysis and research platform designed to offer you transparent information on each cryptocurrency and effectively support your investment decisions. Our High-Frequency Trading Service is Bittrex's first fully automated trading system that offers super low latency to the Alt-coin Exchange, including the Bitcoin and the Ethereum Crypto Markets.

In addition to real-time data and investment forecasts, check out the predictions on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Ripple and many other altcoins.

Malairte Bitcoin Platform

Malairte Bitcoin Team

Our Team

We are Fast. We are Effective. We are Always Learning.

Our team at Malirte Bitcoin is made up of automation algorithm experts and cybersecurity professionals whose pride and joy is developing the most effective trading strategies in cryptocurrency. Analyzing the market every day and infusing out proven formulas to increase return potential and combat volatility, we always desire to push our learning and historically proven strategies to new heights. Your understanding and awareness of how your assets are being supported and managed (for our High-Frequency Trading Service) is important to use, which is why the Malairte team will go to lengths to make sure you're always in the know with what's happening.

A few thousand dollars turned into over $100,000 is less than a year. Let's just say James knew he developed something that could revolutionize the trading game in cryptocurrency.

Our Founder

The Brain Behind the Platform.

The Founder of Malairte Bitcoin and Head Strategist, James Henderson, has spent the last 25 years in the Computer Science industry and is a passionate developer in the high-speed trading field. While working with the client that dealt with computer trading for the Forex Market, James and his automation company turned their efforts towards studying the cryptocurrency market.

Now managing millions of dollars and making thousands of trades a day in the cryptocurrency market -- literally -- James and his team develop new strategies to better understand and win in the ever-evolving and nuanced world of high-speed trading. James is an expert in cybersecurity and has made with his team every step necessary to make sure that the Malairte Network is secure, reliable, and dependable for the hundreds of clients that utilize the bot and his team's expertise.

Malairte Bitcoin Founder

Ask the Bitcoin Experts Your Question!

Imagine this: Our team at Malairte Bitcoin answer your questions with direct and data-driven answers, you get excited about the latest technology in cryptocurrency trading, and if it especially clarifies aspects of our services in a more understandable way, we'll update our reports and thousands of people just like you get a real answer to questions they're probable thinking themselves. That's right, you are making an impact on other investors, just by asking a question or two. Thanks to you!